WiFi video doorbell

Fully battery operated and easily installed



EN – WiFi video doorbell
Connects directly to your home Wi-Fi network (2,4GHz). No gateway needed.

  • Works with rechargeable batteries (2x type 18650 3,7Vdc 2600mAh – included) - Rechargeable via USB (included) 
  • Max. resolution: HD 1280x720 pixels 
  • Diagonal Viewing angle 120° 
  • 2-Way audio communication 
  • motion detection with recording 
  • SD storage of 128Gb (Excluded) 
  • Optional cloud storage & Video playback option 
  • Clear night vision up to 5m 
  • IP rating IP54 
  • With indoor chime 
  • Dimensions: 50x142x35mm 
  • With installation screws 
  • Compatible with “Ceezam” app.

Download manual

Easy installation

Install the doorbell at any door. This battery operated doorbell can be placed at any door. Providing you a wireless WiFi video intercom system (using your smartphone), but also a more secure camera solution at your front door. Simply install the doorbell with the delivered screws, or stick it on your doorframe. Always be sure you have enough WiFi coverage at your front door, and you'll be impressed by its simple but smart use. 

"This doorbell is so easy to use, even I could install it. Perfect installation and connection. Know I am more  at ease, and I can always check who is at the door"

Tabitha Smith

Always heard

Use the included indoor chime

This indoor wireless chime can be easily plugged in a wall soket indoor. Connect the socket with your WiFi doorbell and be always heard when someone is at the door. Especially when you do not have your smartphone at hand. 

Always know who is (was) at the door

Check the message when someone rings the door. But no worries, when you missed the call.  The doorbell will always create one image, store it, and show it in your message folder. Not enough with the image alone ? Thanks to the SD card slot (SD card not included) or optional cloud storage plan, you can always know who visited you. Check the video logs and view all video files. 

Frequently asked questions

Check these most frequently asked questions for our WiFi doorbell

I cannot find the app in my app store

When searching the "Ceezam" app in your app store, the app could not be found at the first time. When searching the app for a second time the app will be found directly. But if you are still facing issues, there is always the option to scan the QR code of the image on the left side. This will guide you to the correct app for both iOS and Android, depending on your device. 

I cannot connect my device for the first time

Almost all Qnect products use your home Wi-Fi (wireless networking) to connect to the internet. WiFi is useful but does have limits. keep these factors in mind when connection your product to your Home WiFi :

  1. Qnect product can only connect to 2.4GHz networks
  2. Connecting a Qnect product can be easy
  3. Wi-Fi signals are weakened by obstructions.
  4. WiFi can travel quite far, and handle lots of traffic, but it has limits.
  5. Wi-Fi technology is always improving. Is your router up to date?

My device(s) is (keeps) going offline

If your devices are constantly disconnected from the Internet, the problem is almost always related to a poor WiFi connection. This is usually caused by signal fluctuations, channel  or router overload, or data loss. Very sometimes, however, the settings of the router are the cause.

In this article you'll find a number of possible solutions.

How can I share a product with multiple users

It is possible to login in the Ceezam app and on multiple devices, with the same account and password. However it is not recommended. Therefore we suggest, as a principal user, to "share" your devices with other users. There are two main ways to share one or more products :  
  1. Sharing a product directly from te product settings (basic way of sharing. Users can only do basic control settings without adding advanced timers or automations. This option is mostly used when you need to (temporarely) share a device with restricted access.
  2. Sharing a complete home setup, with the option to give users basic or advanced access to your Smart home. This option is mostly used within family member situations.
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