My device(s) is (keeps) going offline

If your devices are constantly disconnected from the Internet, the problem is almost always related to a poor WiFi connection. This is usually caused by signal fluctuations, channel  or router overload, or data loss. Very sometimes, however, the settings of the router are the cause.

In this article you'll find a number of possible solutions.

First try this :

  • Check for low upload speeds. To determine if the problem is caused by low upload speeds, run a speed test to determine if the network can support your devices.
    • Qnect devices with 720p displays, upload and download speeds of at least 500 Kbps are required, although 1 mb/s is recommended for optimal performance.
    • For Qnect devices with 1080p displays, upload and download speeds of at least 1 mb/s are required, though 2 mb/s is recommended for optimal performance.
    • Click here for more information on conducting a speed test. However, in the app you can also run a signal test of your device. Go to the settings page (tap on the upper right corner of your selected device) and select “Device network test”. Here the app will show you if the product has a reliable connection or not. Note :
  • It is possible that a device can have a good connection, but sometimes looses it signal. Most of the times signal loss is caused by interference, bad connection or router overload
    • Check if you have placed or installed your device too close (within 1-2m) to a router or extender / smart TV / Microwave / Mirrors or other metal products. If that is the case, try to move your device and check again for its signal strength.  
    • Check if your router in placed in an open space. Routers which are placed in closets, or concealed by furniture, metal parts or walls can have a strong reduction of signal strength. In that case, make sure the router is replaced or use an extender (mesh network) to boost your signal.
    • Check if the device is not placed too far from your router. If you perform a network test within the app which colors orange or red, move the device. A network test of our products will show the signal strength. The best signal is between 0 and – 60 (RSSI). A signal which is not between these values, can results in a poor signal strength.
    • Count the number of devices installed on a basic router (You can find this information in your router setting @ the provider account, or check with your local provider). In general, around 10-15 devices can be installed on a regular router, without any other products. Smart TV’s  / Tablets / smartphones / camera devices in your home, will decrease the number of possible installed device on your router drastically. In that case add a second router, extender or install a mesh network which will add more networks. You first try to connect all streaming devices on the 5Ghz frequency, when possible and then connect all smart devices on your regular 2.4Ghz ( Contact your local provider for more information )
  • Sometimes it is recommended to reset your router : If your network equipment has not been turned off and on for a while, unplug it for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. This will restart the router, which will try to rebuild a strong and stable signal between al its connected devices.

 If above recommendations do not help, a poor connection can be resolved by adjusting the router settings. Contact your local provider. to check if your router settings can be altered. 

After verifying that neither the Internet connection nor the Wi-Fi signal is the cause of your problem, try to reset your device and reconnect it. I some case a simple reconnection can help building a stronger signal between router and device.

If you have followed and read this text, it should not be any issue to connect our devices. We Hope we have been of assistance in guiding you through your setup.